Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

This week, I've divided the post into two parts, the first being based on round things, the second focusing on everything else that's struck my fancy this week. Get excited!

Part I: All things round

First this week, there's a great tutorial on dorset buttons, which are super cute, and easy to make!

And for our second thing, there is another tutorial, this one for fabric covered magnets, which I might just have to make myself

Part II: Everything else that is wonderful

Ah damn, so this week, there just wasn't really anything too great out there, and I basically dreaded Wacky Wednesday since without cool things, the post is so boring, therefore, this afternoon, I went out looking for some cool things that I could post, and inadvertently came across too many good things. So I'm going to paraphrase the next few, but please please follow the links, because everything's really great.

1. Lizzy House is previewing her new line, called Red Letter Day, which you can read more about at her blog, here's a preview from me.

2. Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross, now, usually book reviews bore me, so I won't be doing one, however, there's a wonderful review of Weekend Sewing here, and I highly recommend you check it out, even if for the wonderful pictures.

3. N.E.E.T. Magazine is my new love. It's an online webzine as the kids are calling it these days. Check it out here

4. This week, NPR is offering 10 songs for free download in preview for SXSW. Enjoy!

And now, get excited for Carolyn to blog about our favorite new rapper, initialed A.R. soon, oops did I let the cat out of the bag?

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  1. Haha. no Al, it's fine. I promise not to unravel your beret. I have to get his myspace to load first. I'll post tomorrow.