Sunday, March 8, 2009


You've probably heard of twitter by now, I mean even the prez is tweeting. There's also a kind of strange fascination among the old folks on the news in which they refer to it as "the cyber drug of choice." The premise is similar to that of the facebook status, in which your name pops up and next to it, a quick message you've written about what you're doing. 

I'm not here to persuade you for or against the twitter addiction, because I've already been bitten by the bug. I simply wanted to share my new dashboard widget :) which is of course, the twitter related, chirp. which makes it super easy to check my twitter without even having to open the internet. There's also the popular twhirl, which Alex is a fan of. 

I hope this has kept you updated on the happenings of us hip teenagers.
Here's a music video so you can stay supafly:


  1. hey this was on the cd i made you :)

  2. i know! and i was so excited when i saw it on there cuz i love it but i didn't have it before :)