Monday, March 9, 2009

Crazy Pink

So, last night I dyed my hair pink, not the whole thing, just the underneath part. I've been periodically coloring my hair like this for a while now, so it wasn't very exciting. However this time, I put my hair in my mom's hands. Since it was a part in the back of my head, I couldn't reach around enough to put the dye on myself, so I called in reinforcements. Well, let my just say that she both had poor listening skills and zero idea what she was doing. I told her many times, 'you have to make the dye start frothing', to which I was given a, 'I don't think this is working, it's not foaming'. Probably because every time I reminded her to make the dye foam, she just put the brush in the little container and added more dye to my hair. Usually when I dye, I'll wash my hair first, let the dye sit for a while and then pop in the shower after to get the dye out, and clean up, naturally. Well, I remove the tinfoil, and pink starts dripping all over. I honestly considered skipping school because of the fact that I would be covered in pink for the rest of my life. So, most of the dye managed to rinse out, but the backs of my ears, the back of my neck, my hands, and the soles of my feets are all still varying shades of fuschia or magenta. The color however, came out nicely.

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  1. The directions given weren't very clear. So there!