Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Chance to Wear The Year on Your Eyes

The last opportunity to rock glasses which say the year on them has come. So make that last impulse buy of the year, spend that $4.36 and force them upon your five closest (or drunkest) buddies. The new year is nearly here ( less than 11 hours) and those 2010 glasses just aren't as classy.
I hope you've decided on some worthwhile resolutions! Or not, because, let's be honest, no one actually does that shit. Seriously. There's 365 days in a year and you didn't do whatever it is you meant to on any of those days. Why is today different? Because a bunch of people get wasted and stand in Times Square in 10 degree weather? I'm not going to keep my room any cleaner than I did last year or the year before just because I wrote it down on some paper with the header of "2009 Resolutions." But I'm a cynic. If you're already half way through mapping out your monthly plan for how you're going to take charge and shed those holiday pounds, have at it.
Anyways, it's snowing again (thank goodness). And I left my laundry in the dryer like two days ago.


P.S. It's already '09 in China.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Rodg on Sunday

Alex got a dog. He's pretty cute.

His name is Roger.

He's a corgi-beagle-cattle herding something I don't know-mix.

He's white with tan splotches.

He's pretty chill, but bouncy and a little hesitant.

Anyway. I finished the leg warmers as well, and started some fingerless gloves. They're the best color. Fuchsia. It's bright and gorg and awesome.
Next stop: the yarn store for more goods.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Winter in WeHa

I love snow. Don't get me wrong. But to be honest, I really only appreciate for like the first few days after it snows. After that it's just kind of gross. It snowed about a week ago I believe and it's just mushy and basically a pain in my ass now. We're still forced to steer clear of giant snow banks and crossing over grassy areas is nearly impossible but the stark whiteness and sparkling icicles have vanished into puddles and turned into dirty slush mountains. 

I took this picture while it was snowing to capture my favorite winter moments so enjoy the snow... Or wait until it snows again and then try to appreciate it before the dogs get it.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ehhh, A Good Christmas

On Christmas Eve my mom's side of the family gathers to celebrate and party. This year we decided to do a "yankee swap" instead of our usual "dive". "The dive" entails my uncle bringing boxes of make-up and other random stuff (he used to work at Chesebrough-Ponds), pouring it on the floor, and all the females diving for the goods, hence the name. So when he left that job, we were out of luck. Anyway, I ended up with such a neat gift: a WoodWick candle. The wick is wood (duh) and makes this crackling sound, like a fire, when you burn it. Plus it smells like a christmas tree, so I basically love it.
Also, I received Knitting Noro, in addition to two other artsy/craft books, and can't wait to start one of the awesome projects. The tunic/dress looks so comfortable and chill, too bad it will probably take me forever to knit.


... is finally here! It's the second day of no school and it's pretty amazing. So far I've used my time off to do really productive things like upload pictures to facebook, play three consecutive games of Scrabble, watch Ali G In Da House, and listen to Britney Spears & Lily Allen over and over. Good times. This was basically just a quick update to share my relief that winter break is HERE. yesss. Well, enjoy the time off, facebook tagging calls.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Life vs. School

Really, which is more important, living your life, or getting a good education? Many would argue that an education is far and away more important, however many would also argue for having life experiences. Therefore, is it a bad thing that I (possibly) squandered away the afternoon doing a Sunday crossword and listening to Pandora, I was exercising my mind, just not on the matters of the civil war and vocabulary words. Prior to this afternoon, I spent my weekend and thoroughly enjoyed snow-day doing activities of my choosing. The dilemma factors in when I mention that I have three tests tomorrow, none of which I am sufficiently prepared for, and it's 9:30 at night. So, was it wrong to spend a few days living, drinking in the winter, knitting, and enjoying the holidays, or should I have been more solicitous to the underestimated amounts of studying I had to do? Too many students these days are turning into robots, doing all they need to get into college, having straight A's, taking AP classes, joining sports teams, playing in the Jazz Band, anything it takes. But it makes me wonder, will we fall flat on our faces in the real world? Are we lacking in the necessary experiences it takes to be successful in the world? And finally, shouldn't the short youth of our lives be spent doing things we enjoy while we still can and while we're still young? In this day and age, there's no room for mistakes or mishaps, make them while you still can, live a little.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ayn Rand Will Be The Death Of Me

For some insane reason, I've decided that I want to read The Fountainhead.  It's 695 pages. But this decision has lead to some quality procrastination as I put off diving in, and inevitably drowning, in this novel. (Is a book that surpasses 650 pages still only a novel?) 
While setting up my "reading space" (I never actually got around to reading.) I was looking for some good music and my mission landed me at J.Lo. I don't know how that happened either, seriously. But as I searched my music player of choice for a good playlist with my Lopez faves, I realized I still am enamored with her. I mean, while Jenny on the Block is clearly not so current (I believe she references "bling"), my love really never will cost a thing. 
I speak only for myself, but I'll always be a fan. And I know you'll never forget her legacy.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Kind of Christmas Music

Lady Gaga is my fave. Enjoy this video my bro made. It's baller.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

That Beep

Architecture in Helsinki has a new single out, its supremely catchy, and entitled.. you guessed it, that beep. You should all take a listen.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Eight Days Left

I'm all set to decorate. We've got the tree up, the santa cow happily displayed on the piano, and a porcelain manger close by. Where art thou ornaments? I have my presents purchased, for the most part, except my dad's. Any good ideas? I was thinking moisturizer, like Lilia always does for her dad, but I don't think he'd appreciate it. My mom asked me for a cd with my music on it. How easy is that? I also bought her a christmas tree scented candle. The car fresheners don't compare. It's pretty legit.
My chocolate advent calender is steadily losing weight and I'm closer to the double doors of the 24. So excited!
I'm pretty much in the holiday rhythm. The only depression in my mood spurs from the vocab test, math quiz, and spanish grammar test, all scheduled for next Monday. I guess that means no solstice party for me.
Precalculus is calling, however, I must spend some quality time with my dpns (double pointed kneedles). Ah, which to choose?
I hope the 60% chance of delay that I heard of is correct and I'll be able to cast off on the second legwarmer.
p.s. The best dashboard widget ever invented. I'm not a big fan of the live panda cam.

The Blur...

Other than being the title given to Lorelai in season five of Gilmore Girls, it basically sums up my entire December. A blur: that is how I will always remember the December of 2008. In the beginning of this month, the weeks couldn't pass faster, and I was dying to be out of school. Part of me still feels this way, however there's another tiny part of me that wishes I had slowed down and drank in the holiday cheer. Of course there's been lots of literal holiday cheer consumption, ie peppermint mochas on saturday mornings, but it's not the same as bundling, and making fires, and constantly knitting, and just cozying and feeling rosy. All of those positive feelings I once associated with Christmas have suddenly vanished. Since when am I a grown up with commitments and appointments to keep? I suppose that after all is said and done we're captive on thecarousel of time, we can't return we can only look behind from where we came.

Gela & Pam- The New Barbie & Heather

So I was trying to hold of on blogging so much because I feel like a loser because I post all the time, but procrastination and my insane hope for a delay tomorrow got the better of me. Anyone who has ever seen my e-mail knows that I get about 25 emails a day and they're all from stores, organizations, etc. Rarely does a real person send me an email.
 In my mission to put off doing any work until further notice, I began to go through my emails. I came across one entitled "Barbie goes JUICY!" (Yes, I get emails from Juicy Couture. I'm a sucker for tacky, overworn velour sweatsuits!) Of course, I was intrigued. Barbie and Juicy Couture- two things I should have given up in elementary school... or never gotten engrossed in. Ever. 
Anyways, I was brought here. I had to check out the dolls, but I must say, I wish I never had. In case, you're too frightened (I don't blame you) to enter the fiery depths of the Juicy Couture website, I'll just sock it to you. These two lovely dolls modeled after the founders of Juicy Couture, of which I've included a picture, are $110. No, that's not a typo. One hundred and ten dollars. And they're not even modeled after Britney Spears or anything!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Our fave Starb's employee

So, Carolyn totally ran into John Mayer on Saturday. Crazy, I know. But it happens all the time, seeing as he works at our Starbucks. Okay, so it's not really John Mayer, but it might as well be because they're basically twinsies. Even my dad said so.

This is a picture of John Mayer, btw, not our barista. That would be creepy.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My New BFF

I don't understand why people are so infatuated with celebrities.
When my November issue of Nylon came in the mail, I was surprised that they would choose someone as famous and non-indie as Paris Hilton.

While I didn't plan to, I found myself reading the cover story during a long car ride. You wouldn't think of Paris as enterprising. Or maybe you would. I don't know. But after reading how she has created this persona that has made her famous, that has been such a factor in her success, and that people make fun of her for, I wonder why we care so much about celebrities. So she put up a facade, a wall to keep the media from killing her, and that isn't who she really is. People do it everyday, but for her, it's part of the job.
Celebrities are famous because of the work they do, but aren't they just trying to make a living and change people's lives, like many other people?
As Denzel Washington says in Elle's January '08 Issue, "Eh, you know, it's call show business."
So how about we stop judging them?


I was procrastinating (as promised) and was looking at our profile and trying to think of things to put in the boxes but I found them to be much too limited. I mean, where's the "Things I Hate" category? Or "What I Do When There's Nothing To Do?" Or even a lovely little section for "Most Used Curse Words?" Yes, I could tell you what my favorite movie is or what music I listen to, but really, wouldn't you rather know my list of "People I Avoid At All Costs"?

A little behind...

I've just made the realization that I am rather screwed. Hanukkah is fast approaching and while I thought I was ahead of the game, it appears that I have only purchased one gift... And that was before Thanksgiving. Where did the time go? The first night of Hanukkah is in one week. I'd rather not think about that.
So this winter is rather lackluster if I dare say. While yesterday was on the cold side (upper teens for the time I was outside), the sun was out and no flakes were seen, besides for those of you suffering from an unfortunate case of dandruff. Today is in the 30s and no snow will be found, tomorrow it will rain. Really? Rain in the middle of December? Care to rethink that Mother Nature? 
Global warming, you're killing me. 
More later, probably while procrastinating, on my disappointment in our lack of snowdays and delays.
Chegg-ing, so I bid thee farewell.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bring on the Snow

Some people don't get it. They say, "Yay! Winter! Let's drag out the skis and drive 5 hours up to Vermont." Me, not so much. Don't get me wrong, I love skiing. Downhill, cross-country, whatever. But I miss summer. Warm weather, suns out till 9 at night, what's not to love?
I would never want to get rid of the snow. One of the few redeemable characteristics of winter is the tendency for cozy afternoons and Sunday mornings, snuggled in an old afghan, with a cup of hoco(hot chocolate) and a fire in the fireplace, the snow swirling down outside.
The no school part of summer vacation could explain my recent yearning. Even when all assignments are done, there's still more that I should do. I can't even go to the beach or anything to get away from it all. My new method of procrastination is knitting. I've been trying to finish this pair of leg warmers that I started a couple of weeks ago after a trip to the yarn shop.
It's not that I'm behind on Christmas crafting, like Alex is
, it's just that I have come to the conclusion that when I finish the leg warmers, I won't have time to do anything else in time for the holidays, which is thankfully rapidly approaching.
Present shopping and eggnog chai are calling me.

Long Week...

This week, the worst week ever, the one stuck in the middle between the beginning of December, and the week before vacation, was hell. It started, and then, seemed to never end. I don't know about Carolyn or Lilia, but I'm ridiculously behind on Christmas crafting, and thus, have no motivation to do anything school related. Actually, there's very little motivation for me to do anything right about now. One thing on the mind though is Yoga. It's been fun doing it again after so long not practicing. Coming back to yoga has been like finding a treasured item from my childhood all dusty and unused, but still fully functional. I started doing yoga again after discovering that I didn't get cross-country captain. Since then, practicing yoga to my highest ability has been a great stress reliever: a cozy, warm, welcoming place where I can work as much or little as I want with almost no consequences, except maybe sore legs the next day. On that note, I suggest you all look into your local yoga studios, discover something new, enjoy yourself! Namaste!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Rubber Spatula

First. Post. Ever.
Okay so I get the first post because Alex and Carolyn are playing Mancala and we're about to put on The Devil Wears Prada. So basically I have nothing to blog about.
Andy just met the guy she's gonna sleep with in Paris. Ahh good stuff.
I'm going home because I'm visiting my bro tomorrow in New York and it's like 1230.
So I'm out.