Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ehhh, A Good Christmas

On Christmas Eve my mom's side of the family gathers to celebrate and party. This year we decided to do a "yankee swap" instead of our usual "dive". "The dive" entails my uncle bringing boxes of make-up and other random stuff (he used to work at Chesebrough-Ponds), pouring it on the floor, and all the females diving for the goods, hence the name. So when he left that job, we were out of luck. Anyway, I ended up with such a neat gift: a WoodWick candle. The wick is wood (duh) and makes this crackling sound, like a fire, when you burn it. Plus it smells like a christmas tree, so I basically love it.
Also, I received Knitting Noro, in addition to two other artsy/craft books, and can't wait to start one of the awesome projects. The tunic/dress looks so comfortable and chill, too bad it will probably take me forever to knit.

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