Sunday, December 14, 2008

My New BFF

I don't understand why people are so infatuated with celebrities.
When my November issue of Nylon came in the mail, I was surprised that they would choose someone as famous and non-indie as Paris Hilton.

While I didn't plan to, I found myself reading the cover story during a long car ride. You wouldn't think of Paris as enterprising. Or maybe you would. I don't know. But after reading how she has created this persona that has made her famous, that has been such a factor in her success, and that people make fun of her for, I wonder why we care so much about celebrities. So she put up a facade, a wall to keep the media from killing her, and that isn't who she really is. People do it everyday, but for her, it's part of the job.
Celebrities are famous because of the work they do, but aren't they just trying to make a living and change people's lives, like many other people?
As Denzel Washington says in Elle's January '08 Issue, "Eh, you know, it's call show business."
So how about we stop judging them?

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