Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Eight Days Left

I'm all set to decorate. We've got the tree up, the santa cow happily displayed on the piano, and a porcelain manger close by. Where art thou ornaments? I have my presents purchased, for the most part, except my dad's. Any good ideas? I was thinking moisturizer, like Lilia always does for her dad, but I don't think he'd appreciate it. My mom asked me for a cd with my music on it. How easy is that? I also bought her a christmas tree scented candle. The car fresheners don't compare. It's pretty legit.
My chocolate advent calender is steadily losing weight and I'm closer to the double doors of the 24. So excited!
I'm pretty much in the holiday rhythm. The only depression in my mood spurs from the vocab test, math quiz, and spanish grammar test, all scheduled for next Monday. I guess that means no solstice party for me.
Precalculus is calling, however, I must spend some quality time with my dpns (double pointed kneedles). Ah, which to choose?
I hope the 60% chance of delay that I heard of is correct and I'll be able to cast off on the second legwarmer.
p.s. The best dashboard widget ever invented. I'm not a big fan of the live panda cam.

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