Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ayn Rand Will Be The Death Of Me

For some insane reason, I've decided that I want to read The Fountainhead.  It's 695 pages. But this decision has lead to some quality procrastination as I put off diving in, and inevitably drowning, in this novel. (Is a book that surpasses 650 pages still only a novel?) 
While setting up my "reading space" (I never actually got around to reading.) I was looking for some good music and my mission landed me at J.Lo. I don't know how that happened either, seriously. But as I searched my music player of choice for a good playlist with my Lopez faves, I realized I still am enamored with her. I mean, while Jenny on the Block is clearly not so current (I believe she references "bling"), my love really never will cost a thing. 
I speak only for myself, but I'll always be a fan. And I know you'll never forget her legacy.

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