Saturday, December 13, 2008

Long Week...

This week, the worst week ever, the one stuck in the middle between the beginning of December, and the week before vacation, was hell. It started, and then, seemed to never end. I don't know about Carolyn or Lilia, but I'm ridiculously behind on Christmas crafting, and thus, have no motivation to do anything school related. Actually, there's very little motivation for me to do anything right about now. One thing on the mind though is Yoga. It's been fun doing it again after so long not practicing. Coming back to yoga has been like finding a treasured item from my childhood all dusty and unused, but still fully functional. I started doing yoga again after discovering that I didn't get cross-country captain. Since then, practicing yoga to my highest ability has been a great stress reliever: a cozy, warm, welcoming place where I can work as much or little as I want with almost no consequences, except maybe sore legs the next day. On that note, I suggest you all look into your local yoga studios, discover something new, enjoy yourself! Namaste!

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