Sunday, December 14, 2008

A little behind...

I've just made the realization that I am rather screwed. Hanukkah is fast approaching and while I thought I was ahead of the game, it appears that I have only purchased one gift... And that was before Thanksgiving. Where did the time go? The first night of Hanukkah is in one week. I'd rather not think about that.
So this winter is rather lackluster if I dare say. While yesterday was on the cold side (upper teens for the time I was outside), the sun was out and no flakes were seen, besides for those of you suffering from an unfortunate case of dandruff. Today is in the 30s and no snow will be found, tomorrow it will rain. Really? Rain in the middle of December? Care to rethink that Mother Nature? 
Global warming, you're killing me. 
More later, probably while procrastinating, on my disappointment in our lack of snowdays and delays.
Chegg-ing, so I bid thee farewell.

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