Thursday, December 31, 2009

Koolaid Cool

I've gone an done it again. I'm back into knitting all the time. I'm on my third cowl of the year and I'm so excited to wear it. The yarn for this one is gorgeous. Just so perfect. I can't stop staring at it. and touching it. But when I was scrolling through a blog that I had been led to from this other blog (wow I spend to much time with blogs), I saw this. Kool-aid dyeing. How cool, right? So I did a little google-ing and found a recipe for disaster on knitty, the knitters playground of ideas and a go-to how-to warehouse. I cannot wait to do this. I might not stop at yarn (it says you can kool-aid dye human hair?! whaat?).

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bon Voyage

Twas I who has received an acceptance to college! Yay! God the whole thing was so overwhelming. I woke up Tuesday morning and my fate was already on the brain.

At first, I was thinking that school was awful. But I spent a little while at home that afternoon with relatively little to do, and it was a horror to sit around with nothing to do but contemplate your fate. Thankfully, I had plans that night with the Grandmother. Even distractions from her were welcome.

Then came the moment of truth, I opened my email, and there it was. College is tapping in to cyber methods of informing their students of acceptances these days, so I was sent the standard brief message, and then a link to a ridiculous video. The film was made up of haikus about the school, followed by haikus making fun of the haikus, that's how the intellectuals work.
Later this week or early next week I should be getting a nice fat envelope in the mail as follow up. They send confetti in their acceptance letters. So by now, the only reason you're bothering to re(e)d this is because I have yet to inform you as to which school I will be attending next fall. Here's a clue, it's in the previous sentence. YAY REED!
(oh and parts of it do look like Harry Potter)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Man, I love College

How many times will you see this title in the next three months? Many.
One of us was ACCEPTED!!!! Now I wont tell you who.. because she might want to say it herself. But I am most certainly jealous of her hearing so early. Yes, it's my own fault I didn't apply early decision (ED), but the anxiety is demolishing me. Soon I will be a shell of a girl. Yes, I am very lovely to speak with in the wintertime. I kid, though. But really, I just want them to accept me already.

Thus, to ward of college stress, I give you some of my good ol' top fave music hits. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Post Secret Sunday

But if you left it up to me
Everyday would be
A holiday from real

Oh, it's a picture of perfection
Ah, and the postcards gonna read:

Via the PostSecret Blog