Thursday, April 30, 2009

Here we go..

Well everyone, it's nearly that time of year, the best and the very worst. AP exam season. I know I've been rather absent of late, and it's been for precisely that reason. So, as I prepare for a little more absence in the coming week, I leave you with this inspiration.
Fortune Favors the Brave

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

This Wednesday I have a quick one for you. I hope everyone's weeks have been off to a marvy start, and that the idea of being midway through the week is making you all very happy! And onward...
This was the one thing I came across between last week and now that really caught my eye, it just seemed so cute, simple and cool.
The last goodie I have for you today is the music video for Tim Fite's 'Big Mistake', it came up on my Pandora playlist over the weekend, and I really liked the melody. If you like this song, it turns out that Tim Fite's newest album is available for free download here. Have a fantastic week everyone!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring proves too sprightly

It seems to be, here at least, that spring sometimes takes too great a leap forward, and is consequentially forced a few steps back. From what I can tell, spring has gotten off to a false start, with weather changing tumultuously from mid 50s to high 80s with hardly a warning at all. But, there remains no doubt that although we will probably drop a good 20 degrees by Thursday, Spring has officially sprung. Take this images via my humble abode as evidence.

Plenty a blossom, no?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Post Secret Sunday

This are actually the "saturday secrets" posted on the postsecret twitter every saturday night, but I really like the first one.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Etsy Addiction

Welcome to the weekend! As I sit here dining on some seriously old, reheated lasagna, I'm simultaneously reflecting on the week being escorted out by some lovely weather which will grace us for the weekend, at least. The past five days have been pretty rough, from disappointing (to say the least) grades, to sleep deprivation, to ridiculous, assigned seats. But thankfully, summer is in view (at least by my standards) and so, in honor of a beach-worthy weather weekend, today's Etsy Addiction is dedicated to the wonderful world of sandals!

Today, the picks are organized by store. So there's two images from the same etsy shop and then the link to the seller is beneath the second picture. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tyson vs Tyra

I have to first say, I used to be a major America's Next Top Model fan. But the show seriously got old. And Tyra's split personality freaks me out a little. So now I have a new show to fill my modeling competition reality show void. (Yeah, I had a void for that.) It's called Make Me A Supermodel and it seriously kicks ANTM's butt. 

Firstly, Make Me A Supermodel is for both guys and girls, which gives the show more interesting dynamics within the model house. Secondly (and more importantly), the show actually produces successful models. The challenges aren't ridiculous stunts, but legitimate photoshoots which models do everyday. Proof the models on Supermodel are better than ANTM? In one episode four models were sent to go-sees for Canada's Fashion Week, and they all got booked. The prizes aren't cheap crap, but actual exposure in the modeling industry. Not to mention the judges are still in possession of all their marbles and the show doesn't come off as a total joke with some creepy elimination ceremony. Plus, the models are way cooler.

And also, Tyson, the host, is mighty fine.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mic Check, 1, 2, 1, 2

This is basically a little test to see if I like posting videos rather than writing. 

Yes? No? Maybe?

Wacky Wednesday

Hello All!
Well, as you've clearly heard from Lilia and Carolyn, going back to school has been a big drag.  For me especially, since I have so much work to make up, I'm exhuasted just from being in school by the time I get home in the afternoon, and according to the follow up x-ray I got on monday, I still have pneumonia.  BUT, that is definitely not stopping me from going to the much anticipated Vampire Weekend concert tonight in Northampton.
So, this week I'm gonna do a little something different, since, it seems, lots of things have been a little different lately.  Instead of the usual featuring of a bunch of different crafty tutorials or recipes or music reviews, I'm going to enlighten you to some of my latest and greatest favorite websites.
First of all, I bring you New Math by Craig Damrauer, it's updated every Monday with new equations for your every-day life.  Here are some of my favorites...

The second place I've been having fun visiting lately is called Dear Old Love, and features short notes submitted by people like you or I about those they've loved.  Based on how I'm describing it, I would never follow the link to this site, but it's actually pretty cool.  Here are some of my favorites so far...
"Thanks for “penning me in” on your futon rotation, but I’m not gonna stay with you when I’m in town."
"There’s a guy at work who does a great impression of you."
"I did not call you by mistake. I freaked out and hung up. Call me back."
So there you have it, something to suck up all the time you should be spending doing homework.  I hope they've satisfied you.  Dear Old Love is updated every day, so there's always something good to look forward too from there. The archives are sweet too, so make sure you check them out.  Look forward to a post about Weekend Sewing in a few days, and I leave you with Trouble by Ray LaMontagne.

Earth Day

Some pictures from Oscar Falk that are spring-y and light in honor of Earth Day.
I really like Earth Day, and I'm pretty sure many people did know even know it was today, but I like having at least one day a year dedicated to our planet. A quote on a poster I saw today, "There is no PLANet B."

Also, a new Etsy store I found today, Oh Leoluca, has quickly become one of my favorites.
Strawberry printed pants that are awesome-looking.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Er.. I don't really know

School is stressing me out. Everything is falling down on me and the air is fast escaping. I really woudld rather tell this to the few who read our blog than find the 25 vocab words I need for english. Too bad I'm also two chapters behind in Postman, which is not the most enjoyable reading. And it may be a coincidence that my vocab words need to come from Amusing Ourselves to Death. So to do one assignment I must do the other.
Well I've been thinking recently of just going out like Thoreau and chilling in a cabin somewhere in Mass. Or maybe Alaska, like Alex Supertramp. If y
ou haven't seen Into the Wild or have no clue what I'm talking about...

For some reason, I really liked this quote from Walden. "I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion."
Also, some shoes I would love to own.

The Day

I've relocated due to a mouse in my kitchen which is really freaking me out and making me paranoid. So I moved from here:
to my living room.

I would like to express my day through some pictures, via my photobooth. (Love macbooks)


Disney watch:

By the way, the thumbs up is way used and abused in South Carolina. At least in my opinion.

Finally, I would like to share my favorite entry from 
"Today, I was home alone while my mom went out to dinner. I decided to hop in the shower, and I noticed my mom left her douche in there. After, I texted her telling her what I found and that it was gross. Her response? "It's not gross. It came from my vagina, like you and your sister." FML"

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hey Y'all

Oh man, this is what definitely, without a doubt, qualifies as a "bad decision." I meant to do my last section of math homework about a week ago, and yet, here it is spread out in front of me, still not even started. But do I start it, even with the threat of a grade determining quiz tomorrow? No. Because that would be the responsible thing to do. And if I did that I might be able to get into my dream college. But alas, I'm still typing, so clearly, I'm not that smart. 

I am going to take the more mature approach though, and save my pictures from South Carolina for another post, when I have more time (and patience). Also, I was kind of looking forward to getting into bed before midnight, because despite having  just had a week off from school, I haven't had the best of sleep as of late and getting in my own bed would be absolutely peachy.

P.S. It's cold here. What the heck? Last time I checked it was late April.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I just returned yesterday with my school's band from a five day vacation in Disney world. These pictures are of me and my roomies in front of the entrance to Magic Kingdom, the tower of terror, us with Minnie and Daisy (bad one of me.. sorry), and me and G on the teacup ride, pre-spinning.

We went to all of the parks except Typhoon Lagoon, a water park. We went on tons of rides and ate breakfast everyday in this back studio at Hollywood Studios (AKA MGM) where Eddy, one of the organizers for the meal, gave us awesome high fives and called us princesses-- well, not the boys. We joked that if he came to our school, we would all be more willing to get up in the morning. The last night we were there, we saw Fantasmic: a fireworks and water show that projects Disney movie scenes on sheets of water, and then all the characters come out singing on a huge boat. Going on rollercoasters and performing at Epcot was a thrilling experience, and I wish I could go back..

But, alas, I am here. And it is now.

So since tomorrow is Monday and nobody really likes Mondays unless you go to Monday night figure drawing at UHart, I thought I would provide you with a silly video. Hope you like it.

Post Secret Sunday

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Etsy Addiction

Greetings and salutations! Here's your weekly Etsy Addiction. You didn't think just because I'm not in state or near a computer I would let you go without your etsy fix, did you? 

PrettyBabyBowtique (teen line)

Have a good weekend!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sitting In Starbucks

So, despite that my recent sickness made way for two weeks of vacation, it also meant that I couldn't do or turn in my AP US thesis paper. Therefore, I'm stuck in this unfortunate position of being home all of vacation while every single person I know is out of town, and I really mean all of them. Now, I don't really mind being a loner, sometimes it makes me feel good, so I've sort of developed my loner routine.

Every morning I sleep until 9 or 10ish, followed by spending the remainder of the morning eating, getting dressed and watching TV on Hulu. Then around 1 or 2, I head over to my neighborhood Starbucks, where I spend the afternoon working on aforementioned thesis paper. And after a solid day of hard work, I come home and feel more than free to relax and do whatever I want. Admittedly, the hours I'm not spending with a bunch of West Hartford loons in Starbucks can get kind of lonely, but while I'm here, it's a blast and a half.

Oh boy, possibly the sexiest man I've ever seen just walked in. Too bad he's waay too old for me. But it's not those one time deal guys, like sexy man, that I've really enjoyed seeing here the past three afternoons. It's the looney, and I mean complete and total l o o n s: regulars that show up at some point every day.

When I walk in around 1, my favorite veteran is always sitting at the handicapped table. (Damn it! The sexy man came so close to putting his stuff down at my table, the big one with the lights). Today, the veteran, getting up to throw something away, moved a chair noisily out of his way with his cane, with cavalier disregard for the fact that the chair was now in a completely disturbing location. I love him. Old crotchety people make my day.

My second favorite regular, an old woman who I believe has arthritis. She sometimes comes in and sits here all afternoon. She brings a few bags every day, and just goes through her stuff, organizing, and taking her perfectly good muffin that she paid for, breaking it into about 1000 pieces, and eating about half of it.

Of course, then there are the craziest people of all: Mom's who think they can bring their double strollers in. Or even their strollers at all. If your child needs to be in a stroller, don't bring him or her in, it's just problematic for everyone trying to enter or exit the shop. Really.

Except now I'm faced with an even greater predicament than the fact that I'm now looking at the sexy guy's back. Have I become a crazy regular? One man just gave me a very sketchy look before begrudgingly joining me here at the large table. Uh oh. Perhaps it's the nature of the awkwardness of sitting at the group table? (Boy he's wearing a lot of cologne). I embrace that awkwardness, especially since I'm sitting here with my headphones on in my own world anyway.

Well, there you have it. Just another day in the life of a Starbucks inhabitant.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Zac What-the-eff-is-wrong-with-you?

As I sit here, eating sugar with a spoon and typing with one hand, I'm simultaneously trying to figure out something to write about. I swear last night I was laying in bed and I planned out a whole post in my head, but now I can't remember it for the life of me. 

Searching for inspiration, I visited my new favorite website, Seriously, it's great. I have no idea how it's legal, but I really don't care. 

You're probably over the whole Zac Efron on SNL thing, but I'm definitely not, so here's another clip. It's from Weekend Update, which is one of my favorite segments and it's hilarious. Enjoy!

... bitch, please.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

Hello All!
I'm finally back in cyberland after waaay too long of being sick.  And I'm glad to be here. Reading our blog when I'm infirmed is one thing, finally feeling up to contributing again though is so much better.  So this week, I have some outdoorsy tutorials and fun for you becuase it's beautiful outside, and since it's spring, we should all be getting out more anyway.
Ok so the first thing I bring to you is a little something for those spring days when you just don't want to go back inside, even though it's starting to get dark and possibly chilly.  They're photo lanterns, perfect for lighting up just as the sun is going down! Check 'em out here.
Up next, a little something for those of you with a green thumb, recycling your tin cans into mini-planters.  Here they have seedlings for veggies like kale and sugar snap peas, but I think a cosmo, or ranunculus would be just as good in them.  This is also perfect for all you college students (Charles) assuming you don't neglect your babies and let them die.  Link here.
Now that you've put your old cans to good use and starting growing some sexy flowers (I hope), the next thing I have is perfect for you.  What are you supposed to do when they start getting too big for a can? You transplant your blooming beauties outside, right?  And then it's really sad you can't have fresh flowers in your house all the time.  But have no fear!  Because I have the perfect tutorial for you to put your recyclables to even more use, as a vase for your flowers. Yay! Link here.
And finally, since you're clearly going to be spending so much of your free time outside after I've finished with you, we have the perfect out-of-doors snack,  icebox cupcakes.  Just like icebox cake, or zebra cake (Carolyn has it every year on her birthday!) except even better.  Link here.
I hope everyone enjoys their weeks! Make sure you get out.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well, I'm leaving for South Carolina in a couple hours (more like six actually), but before I go, I'd like to spread some Lindsay love. Because who doesn't love the Lohan??

 If you don't keep up with celeb gossip (I promise, I try not to, but sometimes it's hard to avoid), Lindsay used to go out with Samantha Ronson, a popular Hollywood DJ (sister of Mark Ronson who I love love love). But, they recently broke up. And Lindsay filmed this:

And in case that wasn't enough Lindsay for you, here's a throwback to her SNL appearance in 2006.

You know you love it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Coffee Run Outfit

It's a good thing I didn't put away my winter clothes like my dad told me to because it's damn cold here. When I went out with my dad for coffee (tea for me, actually) I wore the following, plus my coat.
Black Levi Skinny Jeans

Nollie Sweater, ForLove 21 Headband

Kimchi Blue Gladiator Sandals

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Before I Go...

Oooh new post!

Threadless is an online tee-shirt company where people send in their designs and they print up and sell the good ones. I don't really know what else to give you for background. But you're really lucky I'm even sharing this with you, because I should be hiding away all the good ones for myself. 

So, here are some of my favorites: 

"Someday" Tee

And, plus, they're all pretty inexpensive, with lots of tees on sale.

In other news, SNL was on last night (an occurrence that has happened basically every Saturday night since before I was alive), but Zac Efron was hosting. I didn't stay up to watch it, but here's a skit he did with Andy Samberg (love him) via Hulu.

On the music front, I'm loving Daniel Merriweather. His album "Love and War" is technically not released yet, but of course I already have it (thanks Charles). Here's a song you may have heard. It's not actually a Merriweather song, but "Stop Me," by Mark Ronson featuring Daniel Merriweather,  but at least you'll get a taste of the Australian crooner.