Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

Happy April everyone!
Well, just as March came in like a lion, in my case at least, it didn't go out like a lamb. However, since it is April, and my least favorite month of the year has since been endured, I bring you some spring-tastic things today to make April seem more lamb-like. I found you all two super easy skirt tutorials, and, just so you can accessorize, a flower hair clip.

First: a 'girly twirly' skirt, which although designed for little girls, can easily be remodeled for us bigger girls
Second: A springy, reversible, wrap skirt 
And finally... your adorable hairclip 
And as a little extra something, K'naan's Fire in Freetown, next to Dreamer, it's my favorite song from his new album Troubador.  I highly recommend it, even to those of you who don't like rap.
Have a great afternoon!

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