Monday, April 6, 2009


At one point in time, there was no time. Weird right. No one had clocks, or bells, or 11 o' clock news. This really wasn't so long ago either. Then came along some person, likely a man, who created the timepiece. I despise this man.

As I've grown up, time has become more and more of an issue in my life, despite the fact that I prefer not to be a slave to the clock, it is taking over so many aspects of my being.

The issue lately is that there aren't enough hours in the day, or the evening. As the days are starting to get longer, homework gets started later, I go to sleep later, it's a vicious cycle. But what about all the things I used to enjoy, just a matter of weeks ago, that don't include doing homework? I went more than a week without knitting. Don't even get me started on the Bernette gathering dust on my shelf.

Some days, just to make sure I do have some extra time to do something, I actually schedule myself, hour by hour, so hopefully by 9 I can eat some ice cream and maybe catch an episode of Gilmore Girls on my computer.

Those days are becoming fewer and fewer, and despite my careful time-keeping, I never have enough time. In fact, when I once was a time-keeper, I'm now more of a time racer, always hoping for an extra minute here and there, caught up in a frenzy of being ahead, and yet somehow, I always lost the race against time, ending up behind and stressed.

So today, in lieu of removing myself completely from the race against time, I'm recommending that each and every one of you takes 30 minutes. Just half an hour. And do something you truly enjoy, it might make you feel better.

Remember, as humans, we created time, and so, at least for a short period, we can throw it right back out the window and leave it for another day.

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