Monday, April 20, 2009

Hey Y'all

Oh man, this is what definitely, without a doubt, qualifies as a "bad decision." I meant to do my last section of math homework about a week ago, and yet, here it is spread out in front of me, still not even started. But do I start it, even with the threat of a grade determining quiz tomorrow? No. Because that would be the responsible thing to do. And if I did that I might be able to get into my dream college. But alas, I'm still typing, so clearly, I'm not that smart. 

I am going to take the more mature approach though, and save my pictures from South Carolina for another post, when I have more time (and patience). Also, I was kind of looking forward to getting into bed before midnight, because despite having  just had a week off from school, I haven't had the best of sleep as of late and getting in my own bed would be absolutely peachy.

P.S. It's cold here. What the heck? Last time I checked it was late April.

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