Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

Hello All!
I'm finally back in cyberland after waaay too long of being sick.  And I'm glad to be here. Reading our blog when I'm infirmed is one thing, finally feeling up to contributing again though is so much better.  So this week, I have some outdoorsy tutorials and fun for you becuase it's beautiful outside, and since it's spring, we should all be getting out more anyway.
Ok so the first thing I bring to you is a little something for those spring days when you just don't want to go back inside, even though it's starting to get dark and possibly chilly.  They're photo lanterns, perfect for lighting up just as the sun is going down! Check 'em out here.
Up next, a little something for those of you with a green thumb, recycling your tin cans into mini-planters.  Here they have seedlings for veggies like kale and sugar snap peas, but I think a cosmo, or ranunculus would be just as good in them.  This is also perfect for all you college students (Charles) assuming you don't neglect your babies and let them die.  Link here.
Now that you've put your old cans to good use and starting growing some sexy flowers (I hope), the next thing I have is perfect for you.  What are you supposed to do when they start getting too big for a can? You transplant your blooming beauties outside, right?  And then it's really sad you can't have fresh flowers in your house all the time.  But have no fear!  Because I have the perfect tutorial for you to put your recyclables to even more use, as a vase for your flowers. Yay! Link here.
And finally, since you're clearly going to be spending so much of your free time outside after I've finished with you, we have the perfect out-of-doors snack,  icebox cupcakes.  Just like icebox cake, or zebra cake (Carolyn has it every year on her birthday!) except even better.  Link here.
I hope everyone enjoys their weeks! Make sure you get out.

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