Sunday, April 5, 2009

Road to Nowhere

I'm about to blog about something totally inconsequential and of miniscule importance... my clothes. To be more specific, my recently purchased clothes and my new addiction to urban outfitters. I ordered the first set March 2, and I placed a new order this morning. Oh, boy. So here's the breakdown for those of you curious as to what I absolutely had to have.

We'll start off with two tunics. The first of which I would not recommend because it is very very light fabric and is starting to tear a bit at the seam under the bust, but is adorable. 

Next, we have two shirts. The first is a fringe halter which appealed to me for some strange reason, but is hand wash only. The second, a black tee shirt, is just a wardrobe staple I was lacking.

Two cardigans, both of which I love and have no complaints about.

Two pairs of sandals. These were both ordered today, so I can't say how they fit or look yet, but I'm really excited for them!

And, finally, two pairs of sunglasses. I have the first pair and I wear them at any opportunity I get. I like them a lot because they don't get all tangled up in your hair if you put them on your head (which I do all the time, because I like them so much I bring them with me even on cloudy days).

And, as Carolyn mentioned previously, urban outfitters is having their "listn" series and they're currently on number 4. One of the artists on 3 & 4 is Miike Snow and I love him. I couldn't find any of his music videos (are there any?), but here's a song to whet your palette. 

Also, if you go to his website, there's more music you can listen to or download.

Changing topics, I would like to include this Spice Girls throwback. The video is totally random, complete with clips from the movie interspersed throughout. Yes, it's as amazing as it sounds. 

And there's no way I could leave this video out. Dancing in the street gets me every time.

I really wasn't expecting to put three Spice Girls videos in this post, but I really cannot resist. This last one had to be included, the dance moves are just too good. Plus, they have alter egos. And it's not like you don't know the words, you know you love singing along.

Alright, I'm off to squander my time elsewhere now.


  1. Definitely the longest post of the tbf blog. I would like to mention my adoration of the second pair of shoes: the black strappy flats.

  2. This post was pretty exceptional. I also have a confession to make: I own Spice World (the spice girls movie) and i think we should watch it sometime soon because its bangin. Also, i love those sunglasses (and everything else but especially the sunglasses).

  3. why do you get to buy all these cool clothes? you get a job?! the only things ive gotten in months are two tshirts from threadless which cost $5 each. and where'd you get the sunglasses because i need some and uh...actually i think i'll just steal yours =)

  4. ahaha i've been hoarding my money since my birthday! lol