Thursday, April 2, 2009


Overworked, over scheduled, overgrown, overlooked, overslept. And I could go on. There are about three pages in Webster's devoted to words that start with 'over'. Trust me, I looked. In the past week, I have been overworked, I have been over scheduled, and I have overslept. Me and my academic life are so over, we need a new word for over (shout out to Carrie Bradshaw). However, this morning, during gym class, which I don't enjoy too much, we meditated. Yes. We laid on the wrestling room's floor, in the dark, with our eyes closed, during school. Who could ask for a better time to relax than at school? It was 42 minutes well spent.
Alas, more good news. One of my knucks is almost done! I only have about an inch of ribbing to go and I'm super excited because I think these have been laying in my knitting bag for the past three --maybe more-- months.

For all of those music listeners out there -- well, everybody, I guess-- FREE music downloads from Urban Outfitters. They've started downloads of a 21 song playlist that changes every few weeks, as far as I know. Here is the lstn#4 playlist, the fourth playlist they have put out. It's pretty good music. Probably what you would expect from UO. I'm listening to Percussion Gun from the White Rabbits right now. Never heard of them, but I like it so far.
So go download some free music and enjoy the outdoors because it's really nice out today, at least where we live.

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