Friday, April 17, 2009

Sitting In Starbucks

So, despite that my recent sickness made way for two weeks of vacation, it also meant that I couldn't do or turn in my AP US thesis paper. Therefore, I'm stuck in this unfortunate position of being home all of vacation while every single person I know is out of town, and I really mean all of them. Now, I don't really mind being a loner, sometimes it makes me feel good, so I've sort of developed my loner routine.

Every morning I sleep until 9 or 10ish, followed by spending the remainder of the morning eating, getting dressed and watching TV on Hulu. Then around 1 or 2, I head over to my neighborhood Starbucks, where I spend the afternoon working on aforementioned thesis paper. And after a solid day of hard work, I come home and feel more than free to relax and do whatever I want. Admittedly, the hours I'm not spending with a bunch of West Hartford loons in Starbucks can get kind of lonely, but while I'm here, it's a blast and a half.

Oh boy, possibly the sexiest man I've ever seen just walked in. Too bad he's waay too old for me. But it's not those one time deal guys, like sexy man, that I've really enjoyed seeing here the past three afternoons. It's the looney, and I mean complete and total l o o n s: regulars that show up at some point every day.

When I walk in around 1, my favorite veteran is always sitting at the handicapped table. (Damn it! The sexy man came so close to putting his stuff down at my table, the big one with the lights). Today, the veteran, getting up to throw something away, moved a chair noisily out of his way with his cane, with cavalier disregard for the fact that the chair was now in a completely disturbing location. I love him. Old crotchety people make my day.

My second favorite regular, an old woman who I believe has arthritis. She sometimes comes in and sits here all afternoon. She brings a few bags every day, and just goes through her stuff, organizing, and taking her perfectly good muffin that she paid for, breaking it into about 1000 pieces, and eating about half of it.

Of course, then there are the craziest people of all: Mom's who think they can bring their double strollers in. Or even their strollers at all. If your child needs to be in a stroller, don't bring him or her in, it's just problematic for everyone trying to enter or exit the shop. Really.

Except now I'm faced with an even greater predicament than the fact that I'm now looking at the sexy guy's back. Have I become a crazy regular? One man just gave me a very sketchy look before begrudgingly joining me here at the large table. Uh oh. Perhaps it's the nature of the awkwardness of sitting at the group table? (Boy he's wearing a lot of cologne). I embrace that awkwardness, especially since I'm sitting here with my headphones on in my own world anyway.

Well, there you have it. Just another day in the life of a Starbucks inhabitant.

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  1. i like how i know which regulars you are referencing... and i love that vet. one time, someone had a coffee on the handicapped table and he knocked it off with his cane. it was nearly full and when they came out of the bathroom, they were PISSED haha