Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Day

I've relocated due to a mouse in my kitchen which is really freaking me out and making me paranoid. So I moved from here:
to my living room.

I would like to express my day through some pictures, via my photobooth. (Love macbooks)


Disney watch:

By the way, the thumbs up is way used and abused in South Carolina. At least in my opinion.

Finally, I would like to share my favorite entry from fmylife.com. 
"Today, I was home alone while my mom went out to dinner. I decided to hop in the shower, and I noticed my mom left her douche in there. After, I texted her telling her what I found and that it was gross. Her response? "It's not gross. It came from my vagina, like you and your sister." FML"

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  1. Oh my. I was so not prepared for that FML. A little scarring imagery. But anyway, I like these pictures of you.