Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tyson vs Tyra

I have to first say, I used to be a major America's Next Top Model fan. But the show seriously got old. And Tyra's split personality freaks me out a little. So now I have a new show to fill my modeling competition reality show void. (Yeah, I had a void for that.) It's called Make Me A Supermodel and it seriously kicks ANTM's butt. 

Firstly, Make Me A Supermodel is for both guys and girls, which gives the show more interesting dynamics within the model house. Secondly (and more importantly), the show actually produces successful models. The challenges aren't ridiculous stunts, but legitimate photoshoots which models do everyday. Proof the models on Supermodel are better than ANTM? In one episode four models were sent to go-sees for Canada's Fashion Week, and they all got booked. The prizes aren't cheap crap, but actual exposure in the modeling industry. Not to mention the judges are still in possession of all their marbles and the show doesn't come off as a total joke with some creepy elimination ceremony. Plus, the models are way cooler.

And also, Tyson, the host, is mighty fine.

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  1. im glad youve come to your senses and realized tyra is CRAZY. haha