Sunday, December 14, 2008


I was procrastinating (as promised) and was looking at our profile and trying to think of things to put in the boxes but I found them to be much too limited. I mean, where's the "Things I Hate" category? Or "What I Do When There's Nothing To Do?" Or even a lovely little section for "Most Used Curse Words?" Yes, I could tell you what my favorite movie is or what music I listen to, but really, wouldn't you rather know my list of "People I Avoid At All Costs"?

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  1. Yah, and what about a section for things that make you say, "oh, I get it now!"
    Like when I found out that although the "Man in the Mountain" was a natural formation Mount Rushmore was actually man made...."oh, I get it, now!
    Or like last week when I contemplated the "Salvation army" and realized it wasn't a government organization but actually it is religious - emphasis being on Salvation and not so much Army..."Oh, I get it now!"
    And then there was when Lilia thought about "cast-a -spell" and finally said (10 years later) "oh, I get it now!"

    of course Jessica Simpson probably wouldn't know to put "Chicken of the Sea" in this section