Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gela & Pam- The New Barbie & Heather

So I was trying to hold of on blogging so much because I feel like a loser because I post all the time, but procrastination and my insane hope for a delay tomorrow got the better of me. Anyone who has ever seen my e-mail knows that I get about 25 emails a day and they're all from stores, organizations, etc. Rarely does a real person send me an email.
 In my mission to put off doing any work until further notice, I began to go through my emails. I came across one entitled "Barbie goes JUICY!" (Yes, I get emails from Juicy Couture. I'm a sucker for tacky, overworn velour sweatsuits!) Of course, I was intrigued. Barbie and Juicy Couture- two things I should have given up in elementary school... or never gotten engrossed in. Ever. 
Anyways, I was brought here. I had to check out the dolls, but I must say, I wish I never had. In case, you're too frightened (I don't blame you) to enter the fiery depths of the Juicy Couture website, I'll just sock it to you. These two lovely dolls modeled after the founders of Juicy Couture, of which I've included a picture, are $110. No, that's not a typo. One hundred and ten dollars. And they're not even modeled after Britney Spears or anything!

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