Monday, March 9, 2009

No Clue

This weekend it was totally gorgeous outside. And today it was snowing (horray pretty snow). From 64º to 34º. How does that happen? Well I was wondering about summer because of the warmer weather, though it seems I got a little ahead of myself. Anyway, I have no clue what I'm doing this summer. No clue. Alex and Lilia are set to go, and as far as I know it, I'll be chillin' up here in connecticut and maybe I'll even hit up a few lakes with the rents and the boat. Those will be some good times.
I was debating on whether or not I should get a job like at a gardening center or some cool place, but if qualified professionals and people with MBAs and stuff can't hold a job without getting laid off, what chance does an unexperienced teenager have? Possibly summer-school to get-ahead, but gym over the summer doesn't sound like much fun. I told myself I would work on my portfolio this summer and do mad cool art but left to my own defices, I don't think anything will get done. My last resort is a summer program at a nearby art school because, let's face it, it would be chill and close and I'd get stuff done. Right in front of your very eyes I have made up my mind.

burst into song: I've made up my mind, don't need to think it over, if I'm wrong I am right, don't need to look no further.... (Adele)From Contributing Editor comes this cool cat: Juan José Heredia
I'm loving it. He is so summer. Can I move to L.A.? Yes, Please.

Oh look! Now it's raining. How nice.


  1. this guy reminds me a bit of dan in the red tank top pictures just way buffer ha