Tuesday, March 17, 2009

101 Smoothie Fun

So, here I am today on our 101th (is that right?) correction. 101st post. And since we've been here for this nice large, round number of posts, I bring you something special and 101-tastic. A delightful smoothie full of springy goodness. It has yet to be named, but I think 101 is a good smoothie title, in honor of this post. Maybe when I grow up and own my own juice bar it will be on the menu. Also a small disclaimer, while writing this post, I have been listening to Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! (which was especially good last weekend) and am not 100 percent focused on what's going on.
Here's the recipe:
1 banana
3 large scoops of vanilla ice cream
1 cup (ish) guava juice
Blend to combine and enjoy! Also, I recommend using slightly less banana because this did turn out pretty banana-ey.
Enjoy the rest of your spring-tastic afternoons!