Monday, March 30, 2009


So, I basically LOVE flickr, it's so fun just looking and other peoples photos, and uploading your own, just like twitter, it makes you feel as though you're part of something bigger than yourself, which seems to be a theme lately. Therefore, I bring you some photos I've recently uploaded to my flickr, I use mostly a canon film camera, however I'm way too lazy to get you the specs since my cam's up on the shelf right now. My other camera is a crappy Olympus digital thing, but I'm jonesing for a Nikon. Check out my profile here. Note the sexy photo of Carolyn below.



  1. These are so beautiful, i especially love the sexy photo of carolyn.

  2. they're from the fall, we were at a football game i think, but they were just developed last week

  3. oh man! the second one i saw today when we were going through your photos and i meant to say that i really like it, so i really like that one. and me and rob are in the background of the first, which is funny