Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Flying I come, flying I go

I love all the bright colors. And his hat. He wears it in a lot of his videos. Oh Manu, you are one badass latin man, who is actually from France.
So, here's the story. Manu Chao's parents were from Spain, but they left and moved to Paris because of Franco's dictatorship, after Manu's grandfather was sentenced to death. He grew up in the suburbs of Paris around lots of "intellectuals" and his music reflects the political turbulence of his youth. 

Chao sings in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, and sometimes other languages. Plus, he's insanely awesome. He has a song called "Bongo Bong," for crying out loud. It is actually really similar to the Mano Negra (he was in Mano Negra) song "King of the Bongo," and "Je Ne T'Aime Plus," all of which rely on the same addictive beat.

If you enjoyed "Desaparecido," (video above) I suggest "Clandestino" and "Mentira." But don't hold your breath for his next US tour. It could be a while.


  1. this is so catchy and i love it.

  2. I second that, i just want to get up and dance right now. im pretty attracted to his badassness attitude. me guesta :)