Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Confessions of a Knitaholic

Oh yes. I just went there. I officially consider myself a knitaholic. Today, sitting in my room, in my comfy chair which is perfectly sized and shaped for sitting down and having a good knit, or read, I officially became a knitaholic. It sounds like I'm in a cult or something. Maybe more like a cult with my own mind. (Did that make any sense at all?) In any case, I had just finished reading Shooting an Elephant, by George Orwell (yes, it almost made me cry), and I was sitting there knitting, when this furious debate pops into my head. It sounded something like this:

I should really do my homework, I have a lot to do

On the other hand... knitting right now is pretty fun

well, what's the minimum amount of work I can get away with doing tonight?

shoot, I still have those chem notes

Ok, it's almost eight, I'll just knit till then

I really don't want to do my homework

this knittings really fun

And then I'm interrupted by a text from friend J, saying she's on her way over and that she also needs help knitting. So of course, I allow myself to keep knitting until she gets here, knit the whole time she stays, and then after she leaves, continue knitting, cause why stop now? I mean, I'm so close to finishing this beret. Thus, I've come to conclude that one is officially a knitaholic when he or she startst having arguments about knitting with him or her self in their own heads. I hope your days have been significantly less crazy!

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  1. I think your Mom is going to take your knitting away from you until your grades improve.