Thursday, March 26, 2009

The epic excuse

"I'm washing my hair this Friday, sorry." It always seemed like a strange excuse in modern times, seeing as most of us wash our hair nearly every day, during our regular showers, but the times of scheduled hair washing are making a comeback. The wave of washing less is gaining momentum, as strange as it may seem to us.

Well, I have an admission. I stopped showering. Every day that is. It's bad for you! The hot water dries out your skin, and your hair.
NPR recently had an article about the damage shampooing every day can cause to your hair. And I believe them. All those chemicals all up in your hair? Every day? Not good.

This is not to say that you should stop showering, but if you're looking to cut down on hot water usage every other day showering is a good idea. And cutting down on shampoo and plastic consumption would be fab.

Also, there's plenty of shampoo substitutes that don't come in plastic containers, like shampoo bars or baking soda (who knew, right?)

And, I could never part with my fruity deodorant, but apparently baking soda and cornstarch mixed make a great replacement, without any irritation. Huh.

While we're on the topic of reducing our environmental footprints, here's an idea out of Michigan. Boxed water. Boxed Water Is Better is a water company who boxes their water in containers made primarily from responsibly harvested trees. The containers are less harmful to the Earth than plastic, and are recyclable. Also, once the company gets going, they plan to donate 10% of profits to world water relief foundations. For now, they appear to only be in MI, but hopefully we'll be seeing this idea take hold and spread to the east coast. I bet it would be really popular too. Not that there's anything wrong with tap water, but if you like it bottled, boxed is still better than plastic. 

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  1. I wonder if the water box exempts them from the 10 cent deposit.