Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday! Now, let me preface this post by saying that I love Wednesdays, and not just because it's a short day and I have eighth period free (although that is a major perk). Wednesdays are great for so many reasons. Half the week is over, you can start thinking about the weekend, one begins to feel as though some of the pressure is being lifted, and it's just a really nice inbetweenish type of day. So, due to my love of Wednesdays, and the great alliteration of the name, "Wacky Wednesday", I bring you my newest theme, so to speak. Every Wednesday, I will post some random things that I've seen around the web, or in my life from the previous week. The things won't necessarily be wacky every week, but it will be a fun, uplifting enjoyable knickknack, tutorial, photo, etc. So, for this week, I bring you a whale button tutorial, glass jar photo frames, and the latest tutorial from Lee Meredith's blog Do Stuff!

Glass Jar Photo Frames:

Leethal's Skoodlet:
Whale Button Tutorial:


  1. Plus, Wednesday is hump day. Which you covered, but I just like to say hump. Heehehe

  2. hahaha i wasn't sure if i felt comfortable pointing that out