Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Turn this all around

I don't get mad that much. And usually if I do, it's just a little argument. I raise my voice a lot, but only because I have no idea how loud I actually am. And it's usually to tell a story. I just get excited and yell. I guess I just like to yell. I do it a lot. 

But this isn't the yelling kind of angry. This is simmering, fuming, silent angry. This is not just the result of one dilemma, but several. Gathering and festering, piling on each other until they tip over and spill out. In the form of steam from my ears. I think you understand.

Due to my anger, I'm sitting here, writing this and listening to music, attempting to erase all the annoyances plaguing me. I should go shower and get some sleep, but I know I'll only be able to think of things which tick me off.

In honor of Iglu & Hartly, my newest saving grace, I'll leave you with this parting gift. It's very fitting, I'd say.

I really like the video for "In This City," but it's not able to be embedded so you should just go check it out.

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