Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thirsty Thursday and Pretty Pictures

I just made an amazing smoothie/shake and I thought I would tell you about it. ( BTW: Thirsty Thursday comes from college kids who don't have Friday class.)
Contents: some frozen mixed berries, 1/3 pint of passion fruit sorbet, a half cup of orange juice, a half cup of cranberry juice, and 2 scoops black raspberry ice cream.
Blended and poured.. drinking with a swirly straw whilst I type.
My tasty shake reminded me of this color picture I found some time ago that was chillin' on my desktop. I love the colors; turquoise and coral/red together is one of my favorite combinations.

Can we just talk about how pretty she is. Silver and grey are the new black.
How many times have I heard that.. too many.

Take My Hand - Shawn McDonald


  1. BHAHAHA Thirsty Thursday...too good. so i guess from now on we're supposed to start having sober sundays too?

  2. possibly. but that's too much alliteration for me