Tuesday, February 3, 2009


You know what's funny? When people decide to snow blow their driveways at 10:30 at night. Yes, that's my father for you.
I missed Gossip Girl last night and only watched half of it, up to when Blair bursts in on the parent meeting, before my internet died, thus making it impossible for me to catch up on my favorite blogs/ send Lilia a good piece of Twilight flair on Facebook. This left me to my infatuation with CSI, particularly New York, 'cause it's the best. The suspense, the plot, the mystery. I love it and spike, the channel that airs it continuously.
I'd have to say that today's was an afternoon well spent with Al-pal, the chips, the January issues of Teen Vogue and Elle, and some good old murder crimes. Oh wait. I don't want to leave out the rat with an ear on its back or the hibernating man that were in one episode. Those were the icing on the cake.
And to think that tomorrow I'll actually have to do work.

P.S. I bought this great ForLove21 belt on Saturday. Pyramid studs and all.

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