Friday, February 20, 2009

Stuck between a rock and a hard place

I usually don't like to bring the college conversation blog-wise since it seems to be all anyone can talk about, but I'm so torn about what to do now. Since visiting Vassar last spring, I had been convinced it was the place for me, Carolyn can vouch for that since it's all I've talked to her about for the last week and a half. After I visited Vassar I also saw other schools, none of which seemed to compare to it, and then I went to NYU on Wednesday. Now I'm so torn between the two. I know what you're thinking, Why does she even care, she has months left to choose where she's applying. However, I want to apply somewhere early decision, and I can only choose one place, which makes the question become, which is better, NYU or Vassar? On top of that, there are things to consider like financial aid, and grades, as well as the inevitable questions of, what if I don't get in? or worse what if I can't afford to go to the college of my choice? It's all a big scary mass of college sitting here staring me in the face and bringing me down. I mean, I spend all this time doing things I enjoy (ie, sewing, knitting), and in the end are they really going to help me get in?
So, for now, I hope that all of you are facing significantly less difficult questions than I am, and that your days are filled with all of those fun things that won't help you get into college because really, when we're all dead in 100 years, is it going to matter whether you spent an hour doing something you really wanted to do, versus spending that hour doing something you only sort of wanted to do?

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