Friday, February 6, 2009

In need of something cute

Today I really did not feel like talking. I wanted to be like Mariella, get some glue, and never have to speak. That didn't really work out and when I did get the opportunity for quiet it was at bad and awkward times when I'm sure the other people present would have preferred some conversing. So I assented to the blabber. But I was really annoyed when a walnut was thrown at me by my two friends after they sat together and I sat with someone else. Like really. I needed a damn break from everyone today. 

I was really pleased when, while checking one of the blogs we follow, I was directed to their flickr site. I adore the pictures of her son. So. Incredibly. Cute.

Also, I did this little trick of looking through my pictures and pretending it was summer and I was back in London or France or Germany frolicking through castles and gardens in full bloom.

Or, you know, hiking the Swiss Alps. 

So I will play my Kate Nash, do my homework (I know, I'm so lame), and not talk to anyone. 

By the way, I hope you all appreciate this post and the pictures because blogspot is SO awful for getting your pictures in the right order and position and I wanted to shoot my computer in the face. Basically. And if you know how to get photographs to be inserted where you want them, seriously let me know.

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  1. word. i tired to link my flickr to us the other day and it failed epically. i was really upset.