Monday, February 16, 2009

Crafting. Finally.

So now that it's vacation, I have had sometime to put my hellish, stressful school life on hold and live it up. Between Friday afternoon and Saturday night, I was with friends basically the whole time (a miracle, since most Friday's I'd rather cozy up on the couch and ignore massive amounts of homework). And yesterday, I broke out the sewing machine. Finally. It had been in hibernation for way too long, despite the fact that I managed to make 2 bags this fall. And now, I have a quilt and a dress in the works, along with gloves to finish knitting, and a solitary sock that's in desperate need of a friend. That's all for today, I'll end this post with some photos of what's cookin'. (all lies. at 10 this morning, while writing the majority of this post, i was feeling seriously ambitious about this day. it ended, but photoless, and with me asleep on the couch, probably snoring. much was accomplished though, and photos will follow eventually)

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