Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Year of Doing

Along with the end of 2008, the end of winter vacation is fast approaching, and I am less than thrilled. I expected to do so much more this week. But then I realized that I always talk about wanting to have time to myself just for doing nothing. Finally after many belabored months, I have gotten my week of nothing... and not to complain, but it's definitely much more fun to be doing something. I love watching Monk on DVD, and reading for almost 12 hours straight, but after all that, I look back on my week and wonder how it slipped past me so fast, after all, one day of reading doesn't constitute a whole week gone by... Still, I've concluded, finally, that all these months of wishing to have nothing to do have been a waste. Doing stuff is fun: skiing, sewing, knitting, anything, and although I feel afterward as though all my time has been wasted just doing, it leaves me with a much more satisfied feeling than doing nothing has brought. Therefore, in order to end my vacation with a bang and get the year of doing off to a good start, I will indeed be going out for some quality ski time in Vermont. 5 days of sitting was just enough to get me completely thrilled for a little ski adventure and visit to the Brattleboro Co-op. Enjoy the rest of your weekends!

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