Saturday, January 17, 2009

"I'm glad you're cool."

I'm excited, don't worry, Alex. I really am. 
Throughout the whole election process I never really understood the response "I don't really care," to the ever-present question of "If you could, who would you vote for?" Granted, we live in a liberal state and Obama shirts were aplenty in our high school's
 hallways, but our peers were still staying, "It doesn't really make a difference to me." 
We'll be twenty when the next presidential election comes along. What if there were a draft between now and then? Gay marriage outlawed nationally? Abortion prohibited? It's time to get involved, to start to care, to speak out and to protest. 
So, yes, I'm glad we're watching the inauguration in school. It's historical, it's inspiring and watching it after the fact just wouldn't be the same. Besides, the computers would crash if we didn't because too many teachers would be trying to see it anyways.

These elementary schoolers are pretty jazzed. Couldn't we rustle up some enthusiasm as well?

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