Friday, January 23, 2009

What now?

I'm sitting here in a state of complete frustration. I feel the need to make something. Something really nice. I have a huge shelf full of fabric just waiting, calling out really, to be made into something. I have giraffes, and elephants, flowers and dots. They're DYING for me to craft them into something cool. Yet, for some reason, I have NO idea what to make. It's making me crazy. I've made bags. I've made a quilt. Once, I made a dress. However, I don't have buttons for bags, batting for quilts or zippers for dresses. Nor do I have enough fabric to make anything too large. It's ridiculously frustrating. And so, I surf. Looking everywhere for just the right thing to strike my fancy. Make me get up, wipe the dust off the machine, start ignoring everything that's going on around me because I'm so focused on the project. It will come, it always does. Until then, I leave you with Alexander Henry's Traffic Jam

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