Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where's the excitement?

The inauguration is in 6 days, and I, for one, am incredibly excited. Not just the fact that it's Barack Obama, or that he's the first black president, although both are equally exciting. What I'm really excited for is change. Our country has become very stagnant, and this rut we've become caught in is not a good place to be. But enough of my political views. This is about the inauguration. Why aren't people more excited? I can't wait to watch the speech that will go down in history, either as great, or as a major disappointment. However, today, on at least two occasions, I noticed a huge lack of enthusiasm from my peers. It really upset me. We're part of a major event in history, and no one seems to really care. When Obama was elected, that's all anyone could talk about, but now, when he's actually taking office, no one seems to give a shit. I was thrilled to find out that on the 20th, school is being put on hold for an hour or two and tv's are being set up so that we can Obama's acceptance speech live. Upon mentioning this at least twice to my peers, they seemed confused, asking, "why are they doing that?" why? Because one of the most important events in history is about to occur, and we want to see it happen. That's why. Maybe I'm just too enthused? No matter, on Tuesday, history will be made, and I, for one, will be there to watch it.

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