Monday, January 19, 2009

The Adventures of Shark Boy (is our car brooken) and (I) Lava (you) Girl

[Toasties I made this weekend]
Well. Today was quite an adventure. If it wasn't slipping on the bottom of the driveway while taking the dog for a walk, it was starving in the middle of the woods, or having our car break down. In a nutshell, today was a mess. But looking back, none of it really seems that bad. The day started off as any other, and the slipping wasn't really a big thing either. However, after spending approximately 20 minutes at the trail-head of the ski place, waiting for the keeper of the keys (Momma) I should have known that things were gonna start going downhill. and soon. After what seemed like years of waiting for the keys, and my route to nourishment not showing up I figured she might be doing the same thing I was. Waiting. So, despite my stomach screaming at me not to do anymore skiing, I made a quick loop, on the lookout for my latent mother, and upon not finding her, was completely dismayed. I thought that if she was in the woods, she would be looking for me, making it incredibly stupid to go up to the parking lot, but eventually my stomach won the argument against me head, and I started the trek upward. Of course, there she was, my mother, waiting in the car. The. Whole. Time. It was ridiculously frustrating. However, I got in the car, grabbed the granola and yogurt I had packed and chowed down. From here, things only got worse. We're driving along, when all of a sudden, there's a noise and persistent thudding coming from the engine-area. A belt had slipped. We turned off all the electricity in the car, but it was getting dark, and making it home without any lights seemed like quite a challenge. But, we are strong women, and momma pulled through, getting us back to the car shop just after dark. Now all we need is a new belt and a good nights sleep. I hope your days were slightly less fraught with crazyness!

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