Saturday, January 24, 2009

WTF college?!

Midterms are fast approaching (no joke, they start the day after tomorrow) and everyone says this is the most important year with regards to college. UGH! I'm sick of the constant reminder that college is just waiting around the bend for you. 

It's waiting for you to spend hours racking your mind for anything remotely exciting you've done in the past four years, for you to visit and interview, to mingle and attempt to impress, just so someone behind a desk can decide from a few sheets of paper if they like you or not. If you took that AP test or spent a few extra nights out to dinner with your family. If you were in that club or did that sport or had that job. 

And also, what did people talk to me about before junior year? I really can't remember the last conversation I had with an adult that didn't include my college plans. Not that they really care. It's more of a way to categorize us when they have no other way to relate to anyone under 30. Are we an ivy leaguer? Or a state schooler? A city dweller? Or a college towner? Are we set on staying close to home? Or eager to get the hell out of here?

Which brings me to my next point... Holy crap. (Or holy crow if you just read the Twilight series.) But seriously. We're leaving in less than two years. What if we don't make friends? What if we go too far and miss our mommies? What if we don't go far enough and 
our families visit way too often? 

Basically, I have no idea what I want from college. My plans stretch from Rhode Island to Florida to California and back again to New York and Boston. But I'm trying not to limit myself because, in the end, you really don't want to be your own worst enemy. It sucks when you only have yourself to blame. All I know is I'm way behind on my studying... And I think this postcard is pretty legit.


  1. Ok, I think I understand this blogging thing. Much quieter than what I thought you girls had gotten into, which come to find out is actually clogging. Also much quieter than my generations version of blogging which was what my father called gabbing. "Stop gabbing and get your homework done!" Ah, technology the ability to gab without being caught! But sadly the new gabbing lacks a social interaction. When I would gab I would patiently listen to my friend as she recited her latest cookie recipe and each ingredient and then quickly comment , "those sound good", or" let's make them this weekend", before I jumped directly into my issue of the blisters my new shoes had given me, and she in turn would listen and comment and perhaps give advise ( band-aids?)
    But oh the lonely blogger..If not for an occasional comment from a follower the blogger appears to be talking to herself. The sad sound of one hand clapping. Really, does a bear... oh, wait that's something else.
    Well, perhaps I still don't fully understand the blog,
    With your Face Space and I messages maybe you youngins aren't looking for another form of communication.
    Perhaps the blog is the "Dear Diary" of the 21st century. No longer kept under the high security of a little aluminum key and stowed in the most secret place of all (yup, under the mattress) but instead the Dear Diary of the Now generation is posted, pasted, archived and followed. A wonderful window into your lives for all to enjoy.
    Or are you guys trying to communicate with aliens? LMK

  2. it took me so long to figure out what the heck LMK meant I totally forgot what your question was. Maybe I'll blog the answer for you later ;)