Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wait Wait...

Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! is currently one of my favorite radio shows. Alex probably introduced me to it, as it airs on NPR and she is a public boradcasting junkie. The show, more eventful and definitely more hilarious than other broadcasts, is a weekly news quiz where callers dial in and are asked questions about the past week's events. There is, in addition, a great prize if the caller answers his questions correctly: Carl Kasell's coveted voice on your voice mail/answering machine message.
While the show airs at 11 every Saturday morning, I wait so patiently for Saturday night to roll around so I can download their podcast onto my ipod and fall asleep laughing, because I never wake up early enough to catch the whole program. Tune in if you aren't doing anything.

I googled Carl Kasell and the profile picture on his facebook fan page is of him with "I'm in ur machine, answerin ur calls" written Lolcats style. Classic.

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