Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Adventures of a Mix CD

I'm currently making M a CD because she made me one (actually now she's made me two) and I have yet to return the favor. I'm trying to make it as good as possible, but I have never paid for a song on iTunes and I am really struggling with navigating the dark (free) underbelly of the music download world. So this CD may be lacking (my apologies). I tried desperately to get my hands on the Lykke Li CD but it appears it's in New York with my brother so I'll just have to wait.

Oh man, I just checked the playlist I set up to burn this mix, and there's 24 songs in it. Oops! I guess I was doing better than I thought. 

During my search through my iTunes, I found this band "Thieves Like Us" which I had gotten through one of the Urban Outfitters playlist downloads. I was really liking it so I looked them up and I found out that they are now known as "The Factory Party," due to a name change, which is pretty confusing seeing as there's like three myspace pages for one band now. But here's a video of the band performing their song No Control live.  And here's the link to their current myspace page (I think).

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