Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's Saturday Night...

Last night I stayed up in order to watch Justin Timberlake host SNL for the third time. It was funny, yeah, but I'm really not that into SNL. For an hour and a half show, it's probably about as much content as an episode of The Hills (not much.) It would probably be better if I had been multi-tasking as I watched it, or hanging out with other people because with no distractions, it's just, well, boring most of the time.

As for the sketches themselves, they were pretty good. Most of Justin's shorts were continuations from previous shows. For those of you familiar with D*** in a Box, you might enjoy this digital short.

And if you don't watch this next bit, you'll probably feel a bit out of the loop come Monday.

In honor of Mother's Day...

Even though last night's episode produced plenty of quote-worthy moments, I don't think SNL can keep it up for much longer... That is unless they acknowledge that Andy Samberg is gold. Pure gold.

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