Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

I break from studying US history (possibly one of my least favorite subjects thus far) to bring you yet another Wacky Wednesday. It's been a crazy, stressful, hectic week, but from it has come some pretty neat tutorials, and possibly one of my new favorite songs of all time. And so it goes...
The first cool tutorial I have this week is for a super cute laptop cozy! Last year I got a Built one, but they're really expensive, and personally, I'm not the biggest fan of the color, this seems like the perfect alternative.
Next, I figured since it's spring, going on summer, that I should probably feature some sort of spring-like blouse for your creative wanderings. It actually comes from an oxford shirt, and requires very simple sewing techniques, for those of you who aren't attached to your machines as much as I am.
The last tutorial this week was found by Carolyn, and looks super cool, for all your tight adorning needs. It's from Park and Cube, check 'em out. Thanks Carolyn!
And last of all, is the song Down the Line by José González. Lately, I've been listening to him a lot, mostly enamored by his sexy dark voice, amazing harmonies, and soulful music. This one, however is slightly more upbeat, but still has that signature feel. The rhythm has so much motion to it. Ok, well, anyway, I just totally music-nerded myself out there, and I'll just leave you with the music video (which is incidentally similarly weird to the one for Big Mistake, so maybe just listening to the song would be a good idea too). Have a good week everyone!

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