Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tradition v. the rest of the world

This picture is from the BBC website (actually, BBC Mundo, but we can pretend I'm a normal English-speaking person) from the "Day in Pictures" from 5/18. I would give the link, but I forgot to save it and I'm too lazy to find it.

Lately I've been looking for some inspiration. Something to tell me whether I should be doing my homework, doing my artwork, or doing my housework. Something to tell me if I should be watching Law And Order or trying to make some within my home. I still don't know, and I couldn't give you any answers if you needed them right now. But I like this picture, that I know.

I like how they're still carrying on their traditions (they're in Indonesia), but that's greatly contrasted by the vast mountains, giving the idea that there's so much more to the world. Which is intriguing, but also doesn't help me find my way. Which is more important: the people and their tradition, the reason the picture was taken, or the background, possibly chosen to relay a message?

We've always been told that our generation is the future and that we're full of change. So do we carry on as we've been told, as our parents did and those before? Or acknowledge the world, all of it, and embrace our new, expanded way of life?

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