Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lisa Mitchell

Lisa Mitchell, originally from England but raised in Australia, is a singer-songwriter you should know about. Her first studio album Wonder came out on July 31 and her first two singles off of it are addictive and adorable.

She recently performed at the giant Brit fest, Glasto. Here's a video clip montage of her time there set to the sound of her song, "Coin Laundry."

Her single "See you when you get here" off of her 2008 EP Welcome to the Afternoon is great, but slightly haunting.

She's been touring for several years, primarily around Australia, and her YouTube channel is full of live performances. I suggest checking her out, she's quickly becoming one of my faves.

Shouts to Yanick for this discovery, not gonna front like I'm in the know on the Australian scene.

1 comment:

  1. LOL! Thanks 4 tha shout out, Lilia!
    Love Lisa's work and am gonna check out her LP! You ladies are on my daily blog roll :)