Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Cape

Derek Lam Fall '09 ready-to-wear via

Valentino Fall '09 ready-to-wear via

I thought I would be sly with the capes and cape cod. I saw some capes in the September ELLE and was inspired. I don't know how many women can actually pull off a cape, but they look mysterious in a way.

You can see I'm having too much fun for words out here on Cape Cod. Well, as much fun you can have with a three book summer reading list. I'm almost done with the first one, How to Read Literature Like a Professor, by Foster. It's a real nail-biter. I couldn't wait to see what spring symbolizes.. But alas, I have only a few pages left and a week more of vacation for frolicking. I have, however, managed to get somewhat tan and somewhat burnt, with freckles dotting my nose as well.

The other day in stop and shop, I discovered Oreo Klondike bars. Yes. I said Oreo. They rock. There are bits of Oreo goodness in the chocolaty coating around the cookies and cream ice cream filling. Yum! Also, they have these new hand held scanners that you carry around with you and scan your own groceries. Just for fun, we tried it, and almost forgot to scan a few things.

Because there are no more Klondike bars, I bid you farewell as I have yesterday's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me... podcast on my ipod waiting for me.

Bonus! Chatham craft fair later. Can't wait!


  1. Carolyn i miss you!! is it wierd that i find reading your blog comforting? haha im such a freak i feel like your just talking to me...but its more like the whole world. whatevess im sorry we couldnt chill in the cape : ( i couldve used a day away from the padres. ah well call me as soon as your home

  2. No.. it's not weird at all. At least someone is reading my lame comments about the world.

    I'm sorry too. I should have called you earlier in the week. I'll call you when I get back... pedicures?