Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wacky, or Wise?

I just read an article on one of my favorite news/pop-culture blogs, Jezebel, about a woman making her living by being a "sex surrogate." And I have conflicting feelings about the whole ordeal. Here's the low-down. According to The Sun (Brit tabloid), Mare Simone is a "sexual healer" who helps men to be better in bed. And, by her logic, she is therefore doing these men's significant others a favor, as well. The Sun attempts to make her out to look like she just sleeps with all her clients, and jumps pretty quickly into her defense of why she is not a prostitute, but towards the end the whole profession appears slightly less, well, sketchy. Of her estimated 10,000 clients, Mare guesses she's had intercourse with about 1,500 men, some while their significant other watched.

Mulling this over, I'm just made uncomfortable in general by this whole idea. I feel like a lot of the therapy could be done minus the sex, if only for the fact that, to me, this is some weird kind of cheating. But I'm sure The Sun sells more copies of this story if a woman is LEGALLY SELLING SEX as opposed to being just another sex therapist. By the way, this is apparently very common in the US?


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